Solemn Statement

Samsung Electronics



Shanghai Samsung Semiconductor Co., Ltd.

澳门新葡亰登录入口 ,大家郑重提示照明成品的创造商和承包商,为了你和消费者的裨益,请确定保证在适宜的水渠购买SamsungLED产物,有关三星(SamsungState of QatarLED的贩卖渠道,请致电021-23253656,或邮件yy2.liu@samsung.com咨询。


The Samsung Electronics Marketing Department affirms that only
legitimate Samsung LED products purchased through Samsung's authorized
agents provide the IP protection, excellent quality, and thorough
service that you can expect from Samsung Electronics. Any fake Samsung
LED products, whether they are sold by manufacturers or retailers,
can't receive any related services from Samsung Electronics.


Marketing Department


We recently noticed that some manufacturers and retailers of lighting
products in the market are claiming to use Samsung LED products.
According to our investigation, however, all of these claims are not
necessarily legitimate.

April 29, 2019


We remind manufacturers and retailers of lighting products to make sure
that Samsung LED products are purchased through authorized channels to
protect you and the interests of all consumers. For consultation
regarding Samsung LED's sales channels, please call 021-23253656 or

We suspect that some businesses are selling fake and inferior Samsung
LED products, or there may be manufacturers that are intentionally
using fake LED products that are inferior to Samsung LED products. Such
products could potentially cause serious damage to the interests of the
end customers who buy them. We hereby confirm that we are not
associated with such fake products and the businesses and manufacturers
that provide them.